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why i am here again

I had a coupla LJ accounts. But I closed down Hotmail, which was my go-to account if I lost passwords.
(Hotmail, without asking, had uploaded every 'sent' e-mail of mine in SEVEN YEARS to an unencrypted file on my latest computer. The privacy issues there were staggering! I don't trust them. But still, lost my passwords.)

I have been using Google Blog for about 3 years. But this week, they introduced a 'new & improved' blogger interface. There is no option apparent to use the old interface.
All week, the new interface has been totally busted. The very first day only, it managed to embed pics in the body of text - something LJ has been able to do for YEARS! Then the new Google blog interface started stripping all formatting such as indent and space off my blogs. In ends up one solid unreadable block of characters. This is true regardless of OS or browser.
I sent feedback for THREE DAYS about this. A week later, it still does not work.
I'm tired of dealing with the short bus kids over at Google.
So here I am at LJ again.
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